08 February 2012

Hijabi Princess Project: Jasmine

Salam :)
I present my namesake and probably the hottest princess: Jasmine.


I loved Aladdin as a child. For one, they were Arab (like me), the girl's name was Jasmine, (like me, kinda), and Genie was just downright hilarious. (Plus I wanted to marry Aladdin *cough*). But here is why Jasmine is awesome: 
  • She's spunky and stands her ground
  • She doesn't care whether Aladdin is a prince or not 
  • She's clever (she tricked Jafar) 
Outfit no. 1: Aqua outfit

I looove harem pants. Soo hijab friendly and gorgeous! I matched the harem pants with hers, and added pointy shoes similar to the ones she's wearing but in gold. I added a black shirt to match her long black hair. Make sure you apply a perfect winged eyeliner, that's what she's famous for! 

Outfit no. 2: Engagement announcement

I added a blouse with a sort of bubble skirt to match hers. I mixed sweet (the flowers) with edgy (the leather jacket). I thought oxfords were perfect with this look!

Outfit no. 3: Jafar's slave 

This outfit was super sultry, so I trie to mimic that (in a hijab-friendly way, of course!). I mixed red harem pants with a gold sequin cardigan and black top. Stick a gold headband on top of your black hijab as an accessory. The necklace symbolizes Rajah, Jasmine's tiger. And don't you LOVE these shoes? 

Pocahontas soon inshallah! 
Pictures of Jasmine from Google. Outfits assembled on Polyvore. 



Leila V said...

Yassmin, can you just be my personal stylist?? I LOVE these outfits!(& Aladdin of course)

Yassmin said...

thank you leilaa! and umm can YOU be my personal stylist?!

Style Blogger said...

th is awsome.i want that leather jacket!

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